Ángel Reyna on Club América: 'My first salary was 890 pesos a month', 'I am the last scoring champion, Mexican'

CDMX.- Talking with ‘Werevertumorro’, Angel Try spoke about his beginnings in America club, mentioning that his first salary was 890 pesos per month and he mentioned that he has been the only Mexican scoring champion in the team.

Introducing Ángel Reyna, ‘Werevertumorro’ recalled that the player was in important teams.

Of the scoring champions in America ”, mentioned ‘Werever’. “The last scoring champion in America and Mexican, unique. Ten years of that already ”, declared Reyna.

At the Clausura 2011, Ángel Try scoring champion was proclaimed with 13 annotations.

Ángel Reyna, scoring champion in Clausura 2011

Ángel Reyna remembers his beginnings in Club América

Ángel Reyna recalled that he was in the basic forces of America club and revealed that his first salary was 890 pesos.

My first salary was like when I was 14 years old there in America, but it was 890 pesos (per month), which is only good for your tickets. Not all of them charge at the same time, not all of them charge, as they go, some yes and others no ”, declared Ángel Reyna.

Later, Ángel Reyna went to the third division and his salary was 1,600 pesos, indicating that they were help, but that it was part of the process.

The former footballer mentioned that only 5% of the players in Liga Mx earn a lot of money and have to retire, mentioning that it is sad, because the career in professional soccer is short and the players must see another way to earn money.

Also with ‘Werevertumorro’, Angel Reyna He mentioned that they did not listen to Alvaro Morales for the protest with Veracruz in 2019.

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