"anger" and "arguments" with Nicolas Sarkozy

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Nicolas Sarkozy do not let anything appear in public. But in private, their “impetuous” temperament resurfaces from time to time … At the risk of provoking arguments …

More than ten years after their meeting, their story does not weaken! Carla Bruni married Nicolas sarkozy in 2008, becoming the first lady for four years. Together, they then welcomed little Giulia in 2011. And if the couple can sometimes clash, the sublime 53-year-old singer and the former President of the Republic share more in common than one might think … at the microphone of the show We don’t answer for anything anymore presented by Karine Le Marchand and Jeanfi Janssens on RTL this October 11, the Italian top-model who “doesn’t have his tongue in his pocket“has made new secrets about his life alongside the former head of state. Despite all the love and support that unite them, some tensions erupt and spirits sometimes heat up between Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy. My partner is like me, I wouldn’t say angry, but he is brash. We are impetuous people“, she said on the radio.

Carla Bruni talks about the arguments with her husband

In order to avoid unnecessary conflicts, lovers have therefore made the choice not to quarrel and to favor communication, no matter what. “We are not arguing, we chose that option. We quickly saw that we could not argue so much. We often agree, but we have too much temperament to argue I think. We try to sublimate the situation, to agree with each other “, she continued.
Even if it means giving in to the violence of their feelings and feelings, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy still prefers to play card on the table with her husband: I prefer anger to repression [..] All the lies and all the betrayals angry people are never the facts ”.

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