"De la pantalonnade" (CNE), "we are in the wrong debate" (SETCA)

It does not meet our expectations. NOTWe don’t want a penalty because we can’t afford to lose any workers today, we need everyone on the bridge. We are in the wrong debate, the question is not that of compulsory vaccination but that of the bankruptcy of our health system!“Nathalie Lionnet, federal secretary SETCa for the non-market, is not convinced by the agreement reached this Friday evening by the government on the subject of compulsory vaccination for nursing staff, after 13 hours of negotiations.

The strike notice (which begins this Monday, November 22) therefore still stands. The actions will even harden, warns the CSC Public Services on Saturday, which says it is said “even more determined than ever and (he) will continue his mobilization as long as common sense does not return“The common union front also announced a day of action on December 7.

It’s pantalonnade, declares Yves Hellendorf, CNE national secretary for the non-profit sector. We believe that because we dress the bride differently, we will marry her, but no!

We believe that because we dress the bride differently, we will marry her, but no!

We really have the impression that we have a government that is deaf and does not want to hear“, he continues.”It was clearly said that the professional ban was unacceptable to us. It is not because we will keep them two more weeks suspended without dismissal, and they will be able to work elsewhere, that does not change anything. The impact on the worker will always be the same.

The agreement provides for the possibility, for staff not vaccinated on April 1, to request a suspension rather than a termination of their employment contract. He would then not be entitled to unemployment benefits, but could, during the suspension, work for another employer, and find their first job the day he resolved to be vaccinated.

The suspension, a “positive point” according to Pierre-Yves Dermagne

For Pierre-Yves Dermagne, vice-premier PS, this possibility is precisely a positive element of the agreement: “Quthere is no direct and automatic dismissal, this is an important element for us, as is the guarantee that there is a right to temporary unemployment within the first three months of the suspension of the employment contract (until April 1, editor’s note). “

The social partners will be invited to give their opinion, and possibly to formulate alternative proposals on which they would have agreed. This point satisfies le Minister of Health, Franck Vandenbroucke: “On improved the text in particular by specifying the role that the social partners can still play, social dialogue will play a crucial role “.

This does not convince the unions, however. “If there is no patient care, what about responsibility in the event of death? Will the government be sanctioned and ministers suspended?“, asks Véronique Sabel, national secretary of the CSC Public Services.

By dint of wanting to satisfy the political majority, we forget the reality on the ground.

By dint of wanting to satisfy the political majority, we forget the reality on the ground“, adds the trade unionist.

The strike notice filed Thursday will cover daily gatherings from November 22 to 26 in several hospitals in Wallonia and Brussels, before a day of action on December 7, announced as a common front.

The CSC Services Publics expects the mobilization to be even stronger at the end of this week of consultation and information for nursing staff.

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