Fernández assured that the City Police officers will have to give explanations for everything they did.
Aníbal Fernández assured that “there is no partisanship” of the land conflicts that involve the Mapuche communities of Patagonia.

The Minister of Security, Anibal Fernandez, assured that “there is no partisanship” of the land conflicts that involve the Mapuche communities of Patagonia, and asserted that the National Gendarmerie does not intervene in the site of the property located in the area of ​​Cuesta del Ternero, in El Bolsón, where the young man’s death occurred days ago Elijah Garay, who was shot with a firearm in a fact that is being investigated.

“The experience of (disappearance followed by death) of Santiago Maldonado he had invaded us and he had no intention or interest in participating in something of that nature. And we made it known to the Governor (of Río Negro, Arabela Racing). I have no interest in harming her, much less, “Fernández said in statements to AM990 radio,

And in that sense, the Minister affirmed that in the property that is in dispute in Cuesta del Ternero “there are twelve people”, and sending the Gendarmerie for that situation would have involved something similar “to an attack.”

Fernández’s statements are produced in response to considerations made by the communal chief of Bolson, Bruno Pogliano, who accused the Gendarmerie of having left a “free zone” in the place where this land dispute with the original community takes place.

Meanwhile, the autopsy to which the body of Elías Garay was subjected on Tuesday established that the young Mapuche died of a gunshot received in the thorax area.

For her part, and after knowing the results of the tests on the corpse of the victim, Governor Arabela Carreras ratified her commitment to the search for the “truth” and those “responsible for the crime.”

The community accuses the police forces that have been besieging the area – where they have been for 55 days – as responsible for allowing the entry of two alleged “hunters” who fired the shots that killed Garay and caused gunshot wounds. to another member of the community.

On the other hand, the head of the Security portfolio affirmed that when there were conflicts “that could not be attributed to the Mapuche community” and that seemed “one more decision of commercial advantages than anything else”, the National Gendarmerie was sent.

“I made the decision to send several groups with troops to patrol the place and with that we have managed to stop some conflictive situations,” he said.

Finally, Fernández said that “you don’t have to invent much to know what to do” and that it is the Rio Negro police who “are in charge of security within the province.”

The Minister also ruled out that what is happening in the south of our country resembles the conflict that occurs in the Araucaria area in Chile.

“They are in a state of siege and they are with the militarized zone. We are not in that situation. nor are we going to militarize the area of ​​the Andean region“, he concluded.

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