Annily Châtelain, Alizée's daughter is as beautiful as her mother

Like mother, like daughter… The more Annily Châtelain shares pictures of her life on social networks, the more the resemblance to her mother Alizée is striking. Decryption of his sweet face.

It was in 2005 that we discovered the face of the first daughter of singer Alizée, born of her love with Jérémy Châtelain, former participant of the Star Academy 2 show. metamorphosed into a real young woman. Now 16 years old, the daughter of Alizée and Jérémy Châtelain is the spitting image of his mom.

The striking resemblance between Alizée and her daughter

Same brown hair, same face with fine features, same dark eyes, same slender figure, same luminous complexion… On social networks, the teenager’s 59,000 subscribers believe they are seeing double! If the latter follow Annily Châtelain for her exciting daily life and her assertive style, they do not fail to notice the resemblance to his famous mother. A resemblance even more developed since Alizée’s eldest daughter decided to cut her hair. With her very short bob, Annily Châtelain looks like two drops of water like her mother in the 2000s, when she was making a hit with her tube “Me, Lolita”. And like her mother at her age, Annily Châtelain is distinguished by her confidence and natural beauty.

A mother-daughter duo

The physique is not the only thing that the two brunettes share! Just over a year ago, the glamorous duo proved their mutual love for makeup by portraying KVD Vegan Beauty’s Spring 2021 campaign. A refined photo that exudes complicity. Because if the similarities between the teenager and the one who now shares the life of the dancer Grégoire Lyonnet are obvious, their mother-daughter bond is also obvious. On this occasion, the star of the song also confided that “lbeauty is one more opportunity to create magical moments and pass on my beauty secrets to Annily“. Anyway, Annily Châtelain takes from her mother and that, no one will be able to say the opposite!

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