The Dxomark phenomenon.  Are there only spells and lines behind it, or thorough measurements?

Another surprising result was achieved in the Dxomark photo benchmark, and again this applies to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. While in March the phone received fewer points than the older generation Galaxy S20 Ultra, which had problems with focusing from the start of sales, this time this year’s “Ultru” was skipped by a folding Galaxy Z Fold3. Even though the puzzle has only one telephoto lens with a lower zoom value, wide without “marquise mode” and it can’t even shoot 8K videos.

Of course, Pixels have long shown that phones cannot be compared only in terms of the number of lenses; In the test, Dxomark highlights lower noise levels in photos and videos, there are no problems with focusing, and the test also highlights more realistic color rendering and texture preservation day and night.

From Fold3, it loses significantly in poor lighting conditions, where the quality of photo details is relatively low. If you shoot videos in the same conditions, there is visible noise in them, and slower autofocus is also evident. With 124 points from Galaxy Z Fold3, he placed 24th in the historical test rankings. He got 134 points for photography, 66 points for zooms and 103 points for video. You can complete the Dxomark test read here, a review of the Galaxy Z Fold3 folding hybrid can be found under this link.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 editorial presentation:

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