Another great night for Facundo Campazzo: the particular celebration in Spanish by the public and the giggle of the astonished speaker

Eighteen points. Twelve assists. Four robberies. Third double-double in his NBA career. Thursday night was one of the best for Facundo Campazzo in Denver Nuggets, which beat Portland Trail Blazers for 140 a 108 as a local. But beyond its very good numbers in 27 minutes of action, at this point perhaps it draws more attention what the Argentine provokes in those who witness his game: fans and journalists.

It was 11 minutes into the game when the point guard, paired in defense with CJ Elleby, threw his experience to the young man and took the ball from him with a quick slap; the public celebrated it with a standing ovation. But immediately, when in the counterattack Campazzo came out of a confinement situation making a spout to another twenty-something, Trendon Watford, a roar of admiration: “Ooohhh !!!”. The pass from Cordoba to Bones Hyland for an unmarked triple was not reciprocated: the boy made a mistake. If he had been right, a rapture of euphoria would have settled in the Ball Arena.

“Oh! Campazzo with the river … oh! Spout!”, the television reporter managed to say, who had to interrupt himself because the genius overlapped with the robbery. And the journalist showed his admiration in a particular way in the repetition of the play: while the commentator was reviewing the action, the narrator missed a “¡Uuup!” and one chuckle through the number 7 tunnel to Watford.

“Don’t do that to them Facu”

It was another plumbing game for the point guard. At the end of the third quarter, another “oohh!” came up when he made a assist between the legs by Robert Covington to drop Nikola Jokic on his way to the basket in the painted area; the Serbian got double and was fouled.

“Caño de Facu, Joker’s dunk”

A little later, at the beginning of the last period, Denver was already a party, with 21 points of difference. Campazzo took a required pass and immediately shot from outside the perimeter: inside. The voice of the stadium announced it with a “Facu! One!…”, and the people in the stands got on with it “Two! Three!” remaining to celebrate the triple (3m52 of the attached video). Everything in Spanish.

It’s the way Chris Marlowe, the usual Nuggets rapporteur, who just this time was not on the broadcast, has to do it. For some time now, the inventor of the catchphrase involves his commentator (“One! Two! Three!”, He says; “for Facu”, completes his partner), and the fans already have it incorporated: they recently started to use it in the stadium when the little player hits a three-point shot.

Campazzo Vs. Portland (Technical Foul)

As for the game itself, Denver took advantage of a damaged opponent, who suffered heavily, and thrashed him. Campazzo remained out of the starting lineup (returned Monte Morris is now the starting point guard), but at least for this time he regained the number of minutes he had been on the court. Y he was, finally, efficient in the shots: 4 of 4 in doubles, 3 of 6 in triples and 1 of 2 in free.

His only weak point was a high number of losses, 3. In one of them he was a hunter hunted: Covington dribbled the ball out of his hands. Of course, it took the Cordovan to take revenge very little: two minutes later he made that pipe in the pass-goal to Jokic.

Campazzo’s production was praised in the dressing room by the technical director. Michael Malone congratulated the team for winning the second half of a game for the first time after winning it in New York in early December, 40 days earlier; presented the award for best defensive man to Zeke Nnaji and highlighted Campazzo’s 18 points and 12 assists, in a “Great performance”. That generated applause from the other players to the point guard, and just at that moment the lights of the dressing room went out, in a funny moment of the campus.

The praise of Malone and the applause of the companions

Meanwhile, spotty, Nuggets now have 21 successes Y 19 setbacks, at 6th place in the West.

The scorers of the day were the following:

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