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In the midst of the scandal Aníbal Fernández for his intimidation of Nik, the Security Minister targeted the former president Mauricio Macri, whom he treated as a “son of a bitch”, after he came out to criticize him to condemn Fernández’s “threat” to the cartoonist. Immediately, the PRO demanded a public apology from him.

After the strong cross between Fernández and Cristian Dzwonik, alias Nik, last Monday, where the national official gave him to understand that he knew which schools his daughters attended, several opposition leaders came out to repudiate him, including Macri. “We are tired of the aggressions and the arrogance. We already told him” enough “, we are no longer afraid of him, there are millions of us who feel this boredom,” questioned the former president on Twitter, stating that the “end of this dark time is near “.

“Many schools and colleges in CABA receive subsidies from the State and that is fine. For example the ORT school / college. Do you know her? Yes you concede it… ”, the minister had tweeted, who, later, in dialogue with Clarion, said he did not know what school Nik’s daughters went to. “How can I know if your daughters go to that school?”

“You are the Minister of Security and you have a lot of information,” the journalist retorted, to which Fernández sentenced: “No, that’s what Macri’s son of a bitch does. I do not do that. Nik had been discussing the subsidies issue with me, so I told him about the ORT, but I have no problem with that. If the subsidies are made it is correct ”.

Likewise, he asserted that “never” attacked the humorist and rejected the accusations for “alleged anti-Semitism” in their expressions. “Last week I was with Rabbi (Isaac) Sacca, in the Sephardic synagogue. I helped rehabilitate the Carlos Casares synagogue, where part of my family lives. I have many Jewish friends and a special relationship with the leadership of the community. I would never do something like that, ”he argued.

As for the comedian’s announcement of a complaint against him, the head of the Security portfolio launched: “Let him do it, I I don’t have to hide. If I wanted to call him and he wouldn’t listen to me. “

“I don’t feel less skilled or capable for apologizing, especially when it comes to your children. They have put my children in. But I behave as I have to. There (Alfredo) Casero came out, saying that the relatives of government officials must be scanned. And then I’m the bad guy? Do not invent what does not exist, “he closed.

Aníbal Fernández’s justification for the tweet to Nik: “He lives hurting us and nobody says anything to him”

The repudiation of the PRO for the insult of Aníbal Fernández to Macri

For her part, the president of PRO, Patricia Bullrich, published a statement on his Twitter account to which he added a personal comment: “The mafia is characterized by wanting to make you shut up. If you don’t, he messes with your kids. Aníbal Fernández, instead of resigning and asking for forgiveness, up the ante. Now the insult went to Mauricio Macri. You know what, Minister of the Republic of Morondanga? We are not afraid of you ”.

In the statement, they affirmed that “this type of aggressive statements once again reveals that the national government does not have a true vocation for dialogue or respect for those who think or think differently.” In this way, they condemned Fernández’s sayings that “are worrisome because they are once again intimidating forms that seek through insult and threats to silence opponents of Kirchnerism, as happened in some of the darkest times of our country.”

“We demand the Minister of Security to publicly apologize properly and the National Government to explain why it continues to support in its cabinet leaders who took office less than a month ago with the purpose of achieving compliance with the obligations for which they were appointed” they concluded.


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