“Anti-Clémentine” Instagram accounts, critics galore: Clémentine “took full face” during her participation in "Koh-Lanta"

The strong character and the strategic side of Clémentine did not go unnoticed in Koh-Lanta: Cambodia, in 2017. At the root of many tensions, the adventurer did not only make friends, on the show, but also outside.

On social networks, she is regularly torched with hateful comments. An “Anti-Clémentine” Instagram account even saw the light of day during her first participation in Koh-Lanta. This did not, however, dissuade him from rubbing shoulders with the experience again, the following year, in Koh-Lanta: The Battle of the Heroes. And start over in Koh-Lanta: The Legend, in 2021. “During the first season, I took full advantage. It hardened me. So everything I read on social media now doesn’t affect me ”, explains the young woman who admits that this season was still much lighter than her previous participations in terms of criticism.

“When I started this Koh-Lanta, I told myself that I was going, this time, to work on my communication, that is to say to think before speaking and to try to be calmer ”, explains Clémentine who did not want to make the same mistakes as in the past. “In this Koh-Lanta, I got along well with everyone. I didn’t wave. We all knew it was important to give everyone a chance. ”

When she sees herself on the small screen, the adventurer is quite satisfied. “For me, it’s pretty true to what I wanted to show. I am seen to be very frank and honest, not all the time in the negative, but also in the positive! ”

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