Anti-vaccine movement encourages drinking urine to fight covid-19

Members of the US anti-vaccination movement invested in a new fake news: drinking urine to fight covid-19. The case began after a video of the leader of the Vaccine Police organization went viral. In the content, he appears defending the practice, which he dubbed “urine therapy”.

The individual in question is Christopher Key, who was recently arrested for criminal trespassing. In the video, the American defends that drinking his own urine is more effective than the vaccine in combating the disease: “The antidote we have seen now is urine therapy. I know for many of you this sounds crazy, but God has given us everything we need.”

In the same video, the leader of the anti-vaccination movement reveals that he has been drinking his own urine for the past 23 years. Another substance that is part of your habits is disinfectant, which was also the protagonist of misinformation at the beginning of the pandemic – so we even explained what happens if you drink or inject disinfectant.

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US anti-vaccine movement encourages drinking urine to fight covid-19 (Image: IciakPhotos/envato)

“We have tons and tons of research”, mentions the leader of the US anti-vaccination movement during the video, referring to the practice of drinking urine against covid-19. However, there is no scientific evidence that this fluid is effective in containing the disease.

On the other hand, countless scientific studies highlight, day after day, the importance of vaccination. At the Canaltech, we have already talked to health experts to understand what a vaccine is, what it is for and what is its importance. It is also worth checking the effectiveness of vaccines against COVID-19 applied in Brazil.

Source: Independent, Futurism

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