Antwerp has to fear new sanctions, and European income...


Certainly not a second European winter in a row for Antwerp FC. Again one point, which brings the total to a poor 2 out of 15. Two paltry points that not only yield little for the red and white prestige, sporty and extra sporty, but also barely eat the red and white bank account. Antwerp earned about 2.5 million euros less than last season from this European campaign.

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After this fifth and penultimate match in the group stage of the Europa League, Antwerp’s financial counter stands at exactly 4,578,000 euros in income, the majority of which thanks to the generous starting premium of 3.63 million and 528,000 euros for the European ‘ten-year coefficient’ of the club. With only €420,000 for the two points earned, the Great Old scores a lot worse financially than in last season’s successful European campaign. Then the 12 points in the group stage and European wintering together yielded almost 7 million euros in prize money. Or just under 2.5 million euros more than this season.

And then we haven’t even mentioned the lost income due to the sanctions that Antwerp received after the disturbances in the first leg against Frankfurt (heavy fine and a match against Fenerbahçe behind closed doors). And once again Antwerp threatens to receive a steep bill in the bus. For the massive lighting of pyrotechnic material again and the flare that an ‘Antwerp fan’ threw into a supporters section of home supporters. Breaking in that UEFA cannot laugh at and moreover: Antwerp again.

The club fears not only a new very heavy financial sanction, but also another (at least) match behind closed doors. Fines and new loss of income that take a big bite out of the already meager income.

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