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Lize Dzabrailova, 22, recently couldn’t believe her ears when a photographer advised her not to eat until the next session two weeks later during a photo shoot so she could lose weight. The Antwerp model lashed out at the French-speaking man, while she was secretly filmed by a friend. “Are you crazy?” it sounds angry. “That gives you an eating disorder.”

Lize Dzjabrailova was doing an assignment for a clothing brand when she got the comment from the photographer. “They had provided clothes in my size and said they looked beautiful. Then the photographer said that if I didn’t eat anything for the next two weeks, I would look even slimmer.” The model was shocked for a moment, but then put the man firmly in his place while everything was being filmed.

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Lize finally kicked it off with the message that he should tell his clients why she refused the assignment. The clients later apologized, fired the photographer and asked the model to do the assignment after all. Lize thanked her for the offer.

“Men have been trying to tell me all my life what to eat, when to stop eating,” he said. “Nobody has to tell me what to do with my body.” The Antwerp model emphasizes that it is extremely important to have borders. “People will always test how far they can go with you. But as soon as they treat you disrespectfully, you have to step down.”

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