Antwerp resident (32) goes crazy in Bolivian hotel and attacks receptionist (Kapellen)

32-year-old Tommy H. from Kapellen has been arrested in Bolivia. He attacked a hotel employee when his payment card was declined. H. was arrested and will be arraigned.

The facts took place on Wednesday at Residencia Brasileno in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz. According to local police chief Edson Claure, Kapellenaar Tommy H. (32) went crazy after problems with his payment card. “He tried to pay with a card that had no money on it, which was refused by the hotel employee where the Belgian attacked her,” says a local news site.

Footage from surveillance cameras in the hotel shows that Tommy H. first hangs threateningly over the counter and then throws an object at the employee. The woman then grabs something herself with which she tries to hit H.. The images then show that the Kapellenaar goes behind the reception and gives the woman a few blows.

H. was arrested by the local authorities on Wednesday. “The statements of both involved have been taken and the CCTV images will be analysed,” said Police Chief Claure. Tommy H. will be brought before a judge who has to decide on his arrest.

According to his social media, H. was on a tour through South America. He would drive a motorcycle from Argentina to Mexico.(sare)

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