Antwerp student heavily tackled after arguing about girl: “Naa... (Antwerp)

“G., I forgive you, but I choose vulnerability over humiliation! It is with a heavy heart that I let you read the following.” This is how K. started his Instagram post that went viral in a short time. What was supposed to be an innocent conversation between two parties has gotten completely out of hand.

On Sunday, October 31, K. went to an event. He met a girl there and that was filmed by bystanders and put on social media. The ex-boyfriend of the girl (G.) also saw the images and decided to contact K.. “He wanted to meet with me to talk about it. I made a commitment to that, after which we set a date and location,” says K.

On the planned date, Friday evening 12 November, K. left for Berchem station. “I had seen G. a few times before. We had occasional contact on social media, which is why I also thought there were no bad intentions behind the appointment.” The girl’s ex-boyfriend, G., was waiting for him, but moments later two covered-faced men joined the conversation. “They walked past me so I couldn’t run away,” he says. “A little further on were two other masked boys and I had to get into a car.”


The perpetrators and K. eventually got out at the Boelaer Park, where they gave him blows in the face and abdominal area. “Then they forced me to take off my clothes, which I did out of fear. I didn’t know they were capturing everything on camera.” After they took his cell phone and wallet, they left K. alone in the park. Completely shocked by what had just happened, he got dressed and headed home on foot.

Less than an hour after he got home, his friends knocked on the door. “Come down now, you’re naked on social media,” they shouted. K. briefly explained what had just happened to him. The three of them decided together to confront G. again and arranged to meet at Linkeroever.


As if K. hadn’t been through enough that evening, the second confrontation between the two parties resulted in a fight. The perpetrators, thirteen in total and spread over three cars, got stuck in the car K. was in and started to attack the four occupants with knives and hammers. “We tried to defend ourselves with our arms and legs,” says K.. “In the middle of that fight I got a stab wound in my thigh, but the adrenaline only felt it after we had run away. We immediately drove to the emergency.”

Investigation started

The next morning, K. decided to go to the police and file a report. The file is now at the prosecutor’s office. “The Antwerp Public Prosecutor’s Office takes the victim’s report very seriously and has launched an investigation into the facts. So far, no one has been arrested for questioning.”

Although nothing has been done yet, K. continues to hope that clarity will soon emerge. “Sleeping remains difficult,” he says. “When I’m walking down the street, I’m constantly alert. I’m startled by the smallest sound, especially when they are cars. That is so exhausting.” Many expressed support for him on social media.

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