Anvisa and USP talk about the future of spray vaccine against covid-19

On Tuesday (19), agents from the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) met with researchers from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (USP). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the next steps in the development of the vaccine, in spray form, against covid-19. The expectation is that this will be a Brazilian vaccine against the second generation SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

“During the meeting, the Agency learned about the project and sent guidelines to vaccine developers in relation to the technical parameters and study formats expected by Anvisa for this type of product,” explained the agency, in a note.

USP spray vaccine against covid-19 is under development (Image: Reproduction/Astrakanimages/Envato Elements)

Brazilian spray vaccine is in preclinical studies

It is worth explaining that the potential Brazilian vaccine against covid-19 is developed by members of the Immunology Laboratory of the Instituto do Coração (Incor) of the Hospital das Clínicas at FMUSP. For now, the research is in the pre-clinical stage, that is, in the laboratory and animal testing stages.

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According to Anvisa, “there is still no provision for requesting authorization for clinical studies with people”. This means that USP researchers are still evaluating and investigating the effects of the immunizing agent at the earliest stages of the process.

However, the meeting occurred because the scientists adopted the method of “continuous submission of clinical vaccine development”, which requires regular meetings and information sharing with the agency.

The idea of ​​these meetings is “to enable the preliminary analysis of information regarding the project for the development of immunizing agents. With these data, it is possible to expedite a subsequent request for authorization for a clinical trial of the vaccine”, details Anvisa.

Source: Anvisa

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