Apartment for sale with an area of ​​nine "squares" - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Until recently, it was believed that the minimum area of ​​a residential studio in the capital was 10-12 square meters. Residential complexes with such miniature housing were built last year and before the pandemic. However, the other day realtors said that the record had been broken – apartments with an area of ​​9 “squares” appeared in the city. A separate bathroom, a kitchen area and, in fact, a living space fit into such a micro-area.

The new product was told in the real estate company “Metrium”. Miniature apartments have appeared in an apartment complex on the Pervaya Mayevka alley – it runs along the border of the Kuskovsky forest park. “The complex consists of four low-rise buildings, which have 389 apartments. Basically, the complex will have studios with an average area of ​​16.7 sq. M. With high ceilings up to 4 meters. 2.5 million rubles “, – explained in the company.

I called the developer pretending to be a buyer. Sales manager Andrey confirms – yes, there will be such apartments, but so far they are not on sale: “But there are studios with an area of ​​12 to 20” squares “, come. Prices – from 3.5 million, keys will be issued in the first quarter of the next The buildings are already being finished. ” As is most often the case with extremely small apartments, they are not located in new buildings. These are the old administrative buildings of the former scientific institute. The developer reconstructed them in such a way that a “cut” of miniature apartments was obtained. Legally, these are not even apartments, namely apartments – it is impossible to register here, for example, and taxes will be calculated at a different, higher rate.

Judging by the manager’s words, there is a demand for tiny housing – many apartments have already been sold out, and prices are growing rapidly against the backdrop of buyers’ interest. Experts say that this housing option is especially attractive for investors – to buy it at a low price, and rent it out at a price slightly lower than the usual one-room apartment. Moreover, the developer immediately rents out the housing with decoration and plumbing – all that remains is to supply the furniture. Moreover, only a small sofa, a kitchen cabinet with a stove and a sink and a small table will fit here. The TV will have to be hung on the wall.

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