App called Wordle goes viral on the App Store due to wordplay

Last Thursday (13), Apple revealed that it removed several copies of the game Wordle, available for download on the App Store, even with similar graphics. However, one of these versions is still available in the app store and has been there for five years, but it’s for a good cause.

The Wordle available on the Apple store was created by Steven Cravotta, and the developer even posted a message on his Twitter profile and revealed that the game has already been downloaded more than 200,000 times in just one week — as it is a paid game, the title has also generated a good income for the creator.

“See how a mobile game I built 5 years ago suddenly got a hit by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Jimmy Fallon,” Cravotta said.

For a good cause

In fact, Cravotta asked the developer of the original Wordle, Josh Wardle, what should be the destination of the money he earned with his version of the game. Apparently, the values ​​will be destined for some charity institution.

It is important to note that the original version of Wordle is not available in any download store. The daily word game can be enjoyed in a official site, directly in the browser.

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