Review of the Apple iPhone 13. There are only a few news items, but it will still be a hit

The smartphone market has been plagued for months by a shortage of chips, which has already caused many delays in phone sales. The only one who has resisted this global problem to this day has been Apple, which has been able to meet high demand thanks to timely measures. Until now.

As the server pointed out Bloomberg the company has already adjusted its target for the production of new iPhones 13. The original target was 90 million new models by the end of the year, now the plan has been reduced by 10 million units. Surprisingly, the problem is not with the main supplier TSMC, which takes care of the production of Apple A15 processors for the new iPhones, but with other suppliers who produce other chips for the phone, such as Broadcom or Texas Instrument.

Overall, however, there is no reason for much surprise. It was only a matter of time before Apple caught up with this problem. At the end of the summer, the company announced with the announcement of financial results that there was a shortage of production, but at that time the company was talking mainly about older chips for previous models.

In the end, however, there will be “thirteen”, which is not exactly the best news in the strongest quarter of the year. In addition, there is the annual “Apple effect”, when there is such a demand for the introduction of products for phones that Apple is almost always unable to deliver. After all, even now, a few weeks from the start of sales, the waiting periods for some models in the Czech online Apple Store are more than a month, and unfortunately it is the same in other countries.

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