Pre-orders for the new iPhones 13 from the reseller halved last year's generation

We received the latest iPhone 13 and 13 Pro from Apple. The phones are based on last year’s design, which means flat sides and glass on the front and back. But again, its appearance is different. In the Pro model it is matte, while in the classic thirteen it is glossy and fingerprints stick to it a lot. On the sides, however, it is exactly the opposite. The Pro model with stainless steel frame is glossy and the basic aluminum model is matt.

Although the side phones are completely identical, the different materials play a major role in the significant difference in weight of 30 grams. In our hands, the lighter iPhone 13 with 173 grams was more pleasant. It should be added, however, that both models gained weight year on year.

The first design change is the cutout in the display, which has been reduced by 20% in width for both models, but still did not use the extra space in the Apple display. So forget to display the battery percentage again. This year you have again 6.1 “OLED panels with the same resolution. However, they differ in maximum brightness, which is 25% higher for the Pro model.

The display and the camera decide

However, the main benefit of the iPhone 13 Pro is the 120Hz refresh rate of the display, which dynamically adjusts according to the content and movement of the fingers on the display in the range from 10 to 120 Hz. In a direct comparison, the 13 Pro model is much smoother.

Another visible difference is the camera. Apple iPhone 13 has two lenses, which are newly placed diagonally, the Pro model has exactly three and in addition Lidar. However, the “pročka” cameras have grown significantly, they have larger lenses, they stand out more, but the better paper parameters correspond to this, especially with the ultra-wide lens. A novelty here is an improved telephoto lens, for the first time with a 3 × optical zoom. However, both models experienced sensor stabilization. We are already preparing a comparison of the cameras of both models.

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IOS environment 15

What is pleasing is that both models start this time with 128 GB of internal memory, which blurs the disadvantages of last year’s models. With the iPhone 13 Pro, however, you can have up to 1 TB of memory this year. For many, however, the price will still be decisive. The iPhone 13 is CZK 22,990. The Pro model is CZK 6,000 more expensive with its advantages.

Thanks to the store for lending Apple iPhone 13 iWant.

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