Apple Watch Series 7 are an unobtrusive upgrade.  But the larger display suits them very well

Reverse wireless charging is more of an emergency, on the other hand, even in the field, you can at least recharge your Apple Pencil, AirPods or Apple Watch, which are completely without “juice”. But the solution is often impractical, you must place the phone with the display facing down and be careful not to hold it, you will turn on charging and if you want to work with the phone after a while, you will have to stop charging.

However, Apple has patented that display directly allows wireless charging. In other words, you place the watch or stylus directly on the screen, and the accessories are soon charged. At least part of the display will then be available for displaying notifications and limited work with the phone. When charging, the part of the display that will be charged should be deactivated (specifically transparent in the case of OLED displays) similarly to the case of sub-display selfie. The wireless charging coil should be located directly below the display, probably only in a dedicated area of ​​the display.

Introducing the Apple Watch Series 7:

Although Apple Pencil wireless charging already works on the side of the iPad, charging through the display would make many tasks much easier. However, so far it is only a patent that may or may not see the light of day. However, if it were put into practice, we believe that reverse wireless charging would be used in mobile devices much more often than at present.

Source Appleinsider

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