Apple does not count on metaverse.  His augmented reality glasses will go the traditional way

There is more and more speculation about the upcoming glasses for augmented and virtual reality from Apple. According to the latest information, we should see one powerful hybrid for VR / AR and also simpler glasses purely for extended (AR).

Ming-Chi Kuo dle webu Macrumors has now come up with some interesting information regarding the hybrid version. According to them, the glasses will have a powerful 96W adapter, just like the new 14-inch MacBook Pro.

The reason is the use of a very powerful M1-style chip, which will take care of the main calculations in real time. The Apple M1 chip is now included in the MacBook Air, Mac mini and iMac.

In addition to this chip, the glasses should have another important chip that will only take care of the efficient processing of signals from various sensors. One chip is to be manufactured using 5nm technology and the other with 4nm technology, of course from TSMC.

Such performance with a modified M1 chip, which is likely to get more graphics cores at the expense of processor cores, is definitely necessary if Apple wants to use higher-resolution displays. This also requires high throughput for data. Apple has the advantage of the M1 chip thanks to the integrated operating memory. The glasses should be able to switch between VR and AR mode in real time.

We should see the end of the year, and Apple is expected to use its own powerful chip to gain a few years over the competition, at least in terms of computing power. This will be especially useful for games, more demanding graphics applications, but also for advanced reality image recognition.

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