Archery attack in Norway looks like

Policeman outside shop the day after lethal attack in Kongsberg, Norway

By Victoria Klesty

KONGSBERG, Norway (Reuters) – A bow and arrow attack in which a Dane converted to Islam is suspected of killing five people in a Norwegian town appears to have been an “act of terrorism,” police said on Thursday.

Investigators identified the suspect as Espen Andersen Braathen, 37, a resident of Kongsberg municipality, where the attack took place on Wednesday night.

A police lawyer told Reuters Braathen admitted to murdering the victims. His lawyer only confirmed that Braathen is cooperating with the police and giving a detailed statement.

Police were concerned about signs of the suspect’s radicalization before the attack, carried out with bow and arrow and other weapons, a senior police official said.

Flags were flown at half-mast across Kongsberg after the deaths of four women and one man, all between the ages of 50 and 70. Three other people, including an off-duty police officer, were injured.

Markus Kultima, a 23-year-old Kongsberg resident who works at a brewery, witnessed part of the attack.

“I saw a man come walking with an arrow in his back,” Kultima told Reuters, adding that it was the off-duty policeman who instructed him to go home.

Braathen is in custody and is believed to have acted alone, police said. On Friday, a court will decide how long the police can keep him in custody.

(Additional reporting by Nerijus Adomaitis in Oslo and Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen)



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