Recently, the full-back arrived at that club and in recent days the opita has shared the beginning of this new stage, in which they return to the Iberian country, after some years in other European teams.

Precisely, the last game was this Monday and despite the fact that Santiago Arias’ team fell home, he was celebrating with his family.

Karin Jiménez shared a carousel with photos of her and her children, Thiago and Lucca, accompanying her husband, but one detail stole the attention in the images.

It was precisely his abdomen, well The jumpsuit she wears makes her look like she’s pregnant for the third time and his followers were quick to comment on it.

There were many comments, but The model did not go unnoticed one in particular, in which she suggested that this time the girl might be on her way, after two sons.

To her follower, Karin replied: “I’m fat”, and added an emoticon crying with laughter.

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However, his response did not convince and many insist that the family of the Colombian National Team player is growing, as seen in the image of the comments on his profile:

Instagram @ karinjimenez91
Instagram @ karinjimenez91

In addition, it is not the first time that Karin shares similar images, and accompanied by other mothers in her pregnancy stage, as she is also working on her clothing and lingerie line for breastfeeding and pregnancy.

Here is a recent video of the model and businesswoman talking about her motherhood:

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