Leather, chrome and exclusive tires.  Harley-Davidson e-bikes go the way of ornate specials

Italian design studio ARES and HPS have introduced a high-tech e-bike Super Light, which they claim to be the lightest in the world. The frame is, of course, carbon, the 200 W motor is rather weaker, but even that makes sense in the way of record weight. Result? 9 kg!

Success only spoils the bike a bit Domesticated, which was introduced by the same team at the beginning of the year. It even weighs just 8.5 kg, but it’s just a matter of fitting light tires, pedals and other components. And then there it is Freicycle weighing 6.8 kg. But we can no longer talk about serial production here.

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Wheels mentioned in the previous paragraph. Freicycle builds on a frame from Merida.

The Watt Assist propulsion system is said to use Formula 1 know-how.

If you suspect that the creators are preparing the ground for a high price, then you estimate correctly: 18,950 euros is about 482,000 crowns. Will it find its candidates even if we still do not know key parameters, such as battery capacity? So far, the production of only 24 pieces is planned, depending on interest, it will be possible to continue.

Via aresdesign.com

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