Argentina: he did not want to show his health pass and demanded that the waitress present him with the documents of the place [VIDEO] NNDC |  WORLD

Currently, the health pass governs as a mandatory measure to enter closed spaces such as restaurants, cinemas or shopping centers. Despite this, a lady in Argentina He refused to hand over the document and, on the contrary, demanded that the waitress present him with the local health certificates.

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It happened this week in a bar in At payment in Buenos Aires. A woman and her companion went to a bar in the city and requested attention. The young woman who worked at the premises asked them – as a sanitary measure – to present her the vaccination card, but one of the clients refused, reveals the media TN and the People.

Annoyed by the request of the waitress, the woman demanded, among other things, that the young woman hand over the health book, the authorization of the premises and the vaccination against tuberculosis of all the workers of the establishment.

“I am going to ask you for the municipal authorization, the signed books, the complaints book and I am going to ask you for the health books of all those who are handling food with the tuberculosis and syphilis vaccines”, the woman demanded threateningly. “You bring me all that and I show you my COVID pass”he insisted.

“We ask you for the vaccination arena”replied the girl, to ask her later if “Did they want to go in or eat here outside (of the premises)?”

In the video published in different media, the woman is heard saying that she wanted to go to the bathroom and cannot because she is not allowed in. The girl replied that “I don’t think you need the (health) pass to be able to go.”

“You bring me your health book and I’ll show you my pass!” The client demanded of the worker, who replied that this request was imposed by the owners of the premises and not by her own decision.

“Someone has to stand up to me, because you are going to come and demand something from me, when I demand something that is fundamental, which is by law. This other (the pass) is a ministerial provision, it is not by law. You are going to come to me to ask a question. No. I want to see the legality of you. Show me “, the woman insisted annoyed.

At the end of the video, the woman requests that the menu be brought to her because “I do not want problems to enter … And bring me the manager, the owner or whoever.”

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