Argentina is experiencing a very large recovery process

At the meeting, the president signed a series of agreements with The objective of promoting registered formal employment as part of the measures that the Government is carrying out to transform social plans into genuine work.

“Now we need that macroeconomic improvement to reach the streets. What do those who need the most need the most? A formal job,” they answered. “We are committed to this effort to recover production, for that we need entrepreneurs who have confidence, who invest and distribute,” he said.

The meeting It was held at the headquarters of the Union of Hotel and Gastronomic Workers of the Argentine Republic (Uthgra).

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“This that we signed today is something that we have already been working on, which is to change plans for employment.s see how we associate the effort of the State and those who invest to formalize Argentina “, said.

In addition, he criticized those who blame Peronism for social plans and recalled that in 2003 when Nestor Kirchner came to the Presidency there were 200,000 social plans that fell to 40,000 in 2007. “When Cristina left the Government they no longer demanded plans or work, they demanded that she not pay income tax. During the macrismo they became 750,000 plans and those they grew by 200,000 more during the pandemic, “he described.

“It is clear that nobody enjoys the plans. They are a painkiller to pass the moment. The goal should be a formal job. Workers with plans work, but not formally with social work and vacations.”added Alberto Fernández.

The head of state said that the idea of ​​converting social plans into work has been in force since the first day of his government but that “in the middle we were delayed by the pandemic.” “In these two years that remain, we have to multiply our efforts to do what the virus did not let us do”he continued.

“This pandemic must have taught us that divided we are not going anywhere. Let us sit at a table to agree. We must deepen agreements and stop deepening disagreements. We have the opportunity to generate a better country, with more equality,” he closed. .

The signing of these agreements arises from Sergio Massa’s project with the program “A Bridge to Employment”. The objective of this plan is to gradually transform the plans, social programs and social security benefits into formal employment, in order to reactivate the economy after the pandemic.

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