Fire Report of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development published on Friday 14.

On Friday, January 14, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development published a new daily report from the National Fire Management Service. There are 15 Argentine provinces fighting fires: Buenos Aires, Corrientes, Catamarca, La Pampa, Salta, Tierra del Fuego, Santa Fe, Neuquén, Mendoza, San Luis, Formosa, Río Negro, Córdoba, Santa Fe, and Entre Ríos.

The report explains that “the national government deploys human resources, special vehicles, air resources, and operational teams as a complement to the jurisdictional fire-fighting structures.”

The climate issue is highly related: the heat wave plus the winds They cooperate to spread the fires.

The Ministry of Environment sending the air means required by the provinces, which are operational, and makes available more air resources and fire fighting personnel in the case of being requested.

Fire Report of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development published on Friday the 14th (Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development /)

Argentina: What are the provinces most affected by the fire?

The spotlights are classified as: controlled, content and active. Of the 15 Argentine provinces that fight the flames, there are 9 that have active spotlights: Jump, Santa Fe, Mendoza, saint Louis, Buenos Aires, Chubut, La Pampa, Formosa Y Black river.

On the other hand, those in which they appear mostly as “checked” son Tierra del Fuego, Entre Ríos Y Currents. Neuquén, Catamarca and Córdoba Are the who has the “contained” focuses.

Faced with this, according to the report, the Government -from the Ministry of the Environment- sent support to help them fight the fire.

  • For Neuquen, they assigned 1 hydrant plane, 1 helicopter belonging to the National Fire Management Service (SNMF) and 4 brigade members from National Parks.
  • In Black river There are 84 brigades, personnel summoned by the SNMF and the National Parks Administration, also the SNM director, Alberto Seufferheld, the operations director, Lorena Ojeda, and the Patagonia Regional coordinator, Ariel Amthauer. There are even 4 fire hydrant planes and 1 observer, 4 helicopters, 5 fire engines, 1 communications truck, 1 backhoe and 3 boats.
  • Chubut, saint Louis Y Missions They each have one SNMF hydrant plane.
  • In Buenos AiresIn front of its two active outbreaks, 2 helicopter with helibals and 1 SNMF hydrant plane arrived.
  • A Santa Fe 1 helicopter with a naval prefecture helibalde was assigned.
  • By last, Formosa received 7 brigades, 1 URO truck, also machinery and equipment from National Parks.

Authorities from Río Negro and Chubut help fight the fire in Bariloche.

Authorities from Río Negro and Chubut help fight the fire in Bariloche. (@ MartinezMarcelo /)

$ 800 million allocated to the Argentine provinces most affected by the fire

The Ministry of the Interior, headed by Eduardo “Wado” by Pedro, will add $ 800 million to the provinces hardest hit by the fires. The sum of the National Treasury Contribution Fund will be for the provinces of Black river, Neuquen, Chubut Y Missions.

Although in 2021 the affected areas were reduced by 70% by forest fires in relation to 2020, the arrival of 2022 and the heat waves throughout Argentina cooperated for the fire to spread.

Fires in Argentina: alert status

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, led by Juan Cabandié, search strengthen the aircraft and brigade distribution scheme in order to optimize the fire fighting strategy.

Also, the Executive power Nacional declared the igneous emergency throughout the territory of the Argentine Republic for one year. He created a working group chaired by the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development to fight forest fires, restore affected areas and prevent new outbreaks.

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