Argentine solidarity prevents action against Cuban embassy in that country (+ Video)

Photo: Cubainformación.

Last Monday, October 11, from the most recalcitrant of the Argentine right and the small group of Cubans residing in the country who ascribe to the so-called Homeland and Life, an attempt to escrache was organized against the Cuban diplomatic delegation in Buenos Aires.

Faced with the attempt of a Cuban-worm group financed by CADAL, the Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America, an anti-communist Argentine NGO linked to the US State Department, the CIA and USAID, MAS Cuba, the Argentine Movement for Solidarity with Cuba, immediately mobilized and occupied the front of the Embassy, ​​preventing the action, which included, among others, throwing eggs at the front of the building.

The tiny antirevolutionary group had the support of the right wing of the Libertarian Party, which openly adheres to the policies of Bolsonaro in Brazil and VOX in Spain, and tries, with violent actions and speeches, to capture the most dissatisfied sector of society, reproducing those policies in our country, which only benefit Washington’s recolonization project.

#CubaNoEstaSola, those in solidarity with the Cuban Revolution, with its rapid convocation, did not allow the diplomatic representation of Cuba in Argentina to be attacked.

In video, solidarity prevents an attack on the Cuban Embassy in Argentina:

(Taken from Cubainformation)

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