Arizona Attorney General Accused of Concealing Voter Fraud Disclaimers | USA

The former attorney general of the US state of Arizona, Republican Mark Brnovich, allegedly withheld from voters a series of internal documents confirming the absence of fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

According to the newspaper washington post, Brnovich kept it a secret information important information about an investigation by his office that took place between September 2021 and September 2022, It iswhile campaigning to be chosen as the Republican Party’s nominee for the U.S. Senate.

The revelations about the way in which Brnovich managed the investigation of his office were made by the current attorney general of Arizona, the Democrat Kris Mayes, elected to the position in November of last year.

According to documents provided by Mayes to the washington postthe investigation led by his predecessor “consumed more than ten thousand hours of work” and came to occupy all 60 investigators in the attorney general’s office.

When Brnovich launched the investigation in September 2021, the fraud complaints launched by Donald Trump and promoted by his supporters had already been dismantled in several audits and in the US courts.

Between November and December 2020, Trump lost over 60 lawsuits, including in the US Supreme Court; and, during the same period, all 50 US states certified their election results (which, together, gave Joe Biden victory) and the votes were confirmed by the Electoral College and the US Congress.

By that time, in November 2020, Brnovich rejected conspiracy theories promoted by Trump supporters and publicly stated that there was nothing to indicate that Biden was not the legitimate winner of the Arizona election.

For this reason, he was attacked by the then President of the United States, which would make it almost impossible for him to be chosen as the Republican candidate for the Senate in the 2022 elections.

Perhaps for this reason, as indicated by the chronology of events now revealed by washington postBrnovich ordered a new investigation into the results in Arizona eight months after Biden took office as US President — and shortly after another audit, carried out by a company with links to the most extremist fringes of the Republican Party, had failed in a new search for evidence of the alleged fraud.

During 2022, with Brnovich already a candidate in the Republican primary for US senator from Arizona, his office investigators took several stocks on the investigations.

According to washington postthese communications were shared with Brnovich and made it clear that no evidence of widespread fraud had been found, much less that they could give any credibility to the most far-fetched conspiracy theories, such as the claim that electronic voting had been altered by satellites operated by the Italian Army.

At the same time, the then attorney general of Arizona — and candidate for US senator in the Republican primaries — decided not to disclose the status reports that were being made by his investigators, and kept alive the idea that there were still many doubts about the 2020 presidential election.

In April 2022, for example, Brnovich participated in the podcast of Steve Bannon (seen as one of the ideologues of the policies defended by the former US President) and said that the investigation being carried out by his office raised “serious doubts” about the results of the 2020 election.

“It’s frustrating for all of us, because I think we all know what happened in 2020,” the then Arizona attorney general said into the microphones of one of the podcasts most listened to by Trump supporters.

During Brnovich’s office investigations, several Arizona Republican congressmen who had publicly promoted complaints of voter fraud refused to repeat the same allegations under oath.

In one such case, Republican Mark Finchem, responsible for the complaint that more than 30,000 false votes had been counted in the Phoenix area, declined to repeat the same accusation when questioned by investigators in Brnovich’s office.

According to postFinchem even made a point of saying, under oath, that he did not have any evidence of fraud in his possession and that he “did not want to waste time” from investigators.

Brnovich would eventually be defeated in the Republican Party primary by Trump-backed candidate Blake Masters — who would, in turn, lose the general election to Democratic Party candidate and incumbent Mark Kelly.

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