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Abel used the starting lineup against Fortaleza instead of playing with the 11 of the decision against Flamengo against São Paulo

Photo: César Greco / Palmeiras
Photo: César Greco / Palmeiras

In the last test with the starting lineup, Palmeiras lost to Fortaleza by 1-0, at Arena Castelão, last Saturday (20) and lost the chance to qualify directly for the next edition of the Libertadores da América stage. To make matters worse, the team did not gain the confidence that Abel wanted and saw much of the media contesting the Portuguese’s strategy. The one who did not spare criticism of the commander was Arnaldo Ribeiro. During the ball possession podcast, the journalist says that Abel’s project may have predicated Verdão to face Flamengo, on the 27th of the month, in Montevideo.

“Some things in these weeks of the three defeats were a warning for Palmeiras. One of them, the question of the strategy of using the starting/reserve team in matches, so the strategy was to use the starting team in away games. This generated controversy, especially in the matter of the game with São Paulo, the fans were angry, Palmeiras could have pushed São Paulo into the hole, it didn’t use it. He preferred to use the starting lineup in Fortaleza, on an exhausting trip, with high humidity, total wear and tear, in a field that is heavier”, said Arnaldo, who continued to criticize Abel Ferreira’s idea.

“Palmeiras in Fortaleza may have been wrong in their strategy, I think that’s my conclusion. You’re going to say to me, ‘would it make sense to leave the starting lineup like Flamengo did? Play the last game a week before the game?’ on the calendar yes, in terms of strategy with the public and with logistics, no, Palmeiras could have reversed, perhaps, played with the main one against São Paulo, not traveled with everyone to Fortaleza, but ran that logistical risk and lost too . So, this issue of trust is very important in a game of details that will take place next Saturday, I think Palmeiras made a mistake in the strategy,” said the journalist who also asked about the discussion between Weverton and Gustavo Gómez, in addition to the absence of Felipe Melo in the last games.

“Apart from Felipe Melo, everyone played, and they didn’t play well, they played preserving themselves and the team lost one more game to Fortaleza. In addition, some rare situations, harsh discussion between Gustavo Gomez and Weverton, almost in the arm, the captain with the goalkeeper, then they posed for photos, social network, appeased, but defeat is not good for anyone, at any time, under any circumstances, holder, reserve, mixed team, Palmeiras is the one losing. And then it’s a complicated situation for the game on the eve of the final that Flamengo doesn’t have“he concluded.

Palmeiras will return to the field next Tuesday (22), to face Atlético Mineiro, in a game valid for the 35th round of Brasileirão.

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