Around 2.7 million people redeem BRL 180 million in forgotten values

On the second day of withdrawals after the reopening of the Values ​​Receivable System (SVR), about 2.7 million people requested a redemption of R$ 180.07 million, disclosed the Central Bank (BC). The balance covers orders placed from Tuesday (7) at 10 am to 5 pm this Wednesday (8).

According to BC, the highest amount redeemed by an individual corresponds to R$ 749.5 thousand. Regarding legal entities, the highest amount redeemed reached R$ 252.3 thousand. The number of people who requested the redemption of deceased assets since the beginning of the program adds up to 797,800.

Unlike Tuesday, the BC informs that there was no virtual queue this Wednesday. On the first day of withdrawals, on Tuesday, the average wait in the virtual queue reached two hours in the morning. Throughout the afternoon, the waiting time was rapidly reduced until it was reset around 5:15 pm, according to BC.

According to the monetary authority, the SVR will remain open to everyone, without scheduled interruptions, so that everyone can recover the amounts forgotten in the financial system. “Regardless of the amount, the resource belongs to the citizen and must be returned to him”, highlighted the agency.


With the possibility of verifying the amounts of deceased persons, the Receivable Values ​​System (SVR) reopened this Tuesday (7), after being closed for 11 months. From 10 am, users can schedule the receipt of resources at site Receivables.

Consultations reopened on February 28. According to the BC’s most recent balance, until this Monday (6), 23.8 million queries had been made. Of this total, 6.9 million (29%) indicated amounts receivable and 16.8 million (71%) did not find forgotten amounts.

According to BC, around 38 million individuals and 2 million legal entities have around R$ 6 billion to receive. To withdraw amounts (individuals) or deceased persons, the user needs to have an account at Portal silver or gold level. To recover amounts from a legal entity, you need to have an account on Portal with the National Register of Legal Entities linked (with any type of link, except employee).

The system has important innovations, such as screen printing and request protocols for sharing on WhatsApp and the inclusion of all types of values ​​provided for in the SVR standard. There is also a virtual waiting room, which allows all users to make an appointment on the same day, without the need for a schedule by year of birth or foundation of the company.

In addition to these improvements, there will be the possibility of consulting the values ​​of the deceased person, with access to heirs, executors, executors or legal representatives. As with consultations with living people, the system will inform the institution responsible for the amount and the amount range. There will also be more transparency for those with joint accounts. If one of the holders requests the redemption of a forgotten amount, the other, when entering the system, will be able to see the information: such as the amount, date and CPF of the person who made the request.

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