Backs of the residence, where the crime court would be held (Photo: Disclosure)

A man confessed that he would receive money and drugs as payment for transporting the victims

Backs of the residence, where the crime court would be held (Photo: Disclosure)

Thiago Afonso Duarte, 22, arrested during the “crime court” on Thursday night (26), in Jardim Vida Nova, Campo Grande, confessed that he was hired to transport the couple who were rescued by the police and would receive money and drugs for the service.

During interrogation with the police, Thiago said that on Wednesday afternoon (24), at around 3 pm, he received a call from an unknown number, where a man, whose name he did not reveal, said he was under arrest and offered R$ 2 thousand and another amount of drugs, so that Thiago could look for two people in the Jardim Noroeste neighborhood and take them to Jardim Vida Nova.

After accepting the job, Thiago said that two unknown men picked him up near Shopping Bosque dos Ipês, on Thursday afternoon (25) and on the way to Jardim Noroeste he learned that the couple he was looking for had kidnapped an acquaintance, nicknamed “Di Menor”, and then other people would have tied up and set the girl on fire.

Thiago said that the couple was untied and got into the car without complaining about anything, arriving at Jardim Vida Nova, at the house of a man known as “Orelha”, they all used marijuana and cocaine together, including the couple. Thiago said that he heard from his colleagues that the couple would not be killed, that they just wanted to know the truth about who killed “Di Menor”.

According to Thiago’s testimony, they used drugs for about 30 minutes, until the police invaded the house and the confrontation took place. The other inmate, Evandro Ribeiro de Barros, 26, said he didn’t know anything and was only at “Orelha’s” house to take a shower, as the water in his home was cut off.

The third inmate, Anderson Henrique Pereira, 24, said he went there just to smoke marijuana with “Orelha” and that everyone, including the couple who would be victims of the “crime court” were using drugs in their residence. The three said they did not know Claudinei de Oliveira, 33, who died after clashing with police. They are going through a custody hearing this Friday (26) and the police are still investigating the case.

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