Ascención supervised work carried out by the MOPC on the Duarte highway
Ascención supervised work carried out by the MOPC on the Duarte highway

The Minister of Public Works and Communications (MOPC), Deligne Ascención, carried out a supervision tour of the repair and expansion works carried out on the Duarte highway, as well as the maintenance work carried out by the institution’s brigades.

The official ordered a comprehensive cleaning operation to be carried out on the central and lateral islands on both sides of that important road, as well as the clearing of brush all the way from Bonao to the vicinity of La Vega.

The day incorporated hundreds of workers from the institution provided with shovels, machetes, wheelbarrows, pruners, trucks and other utensils with the purpose of offering greater road safety to citizens.

Deligne Ascención expressed that the personal supervision of the work carried out by the MOPC seeks to maintain vigilance that they are carried out at the appropriate speed so that the road is delivered by President Luis Abinader, in the time provided in the planning.

He was accompanied by the Vice Minister of Road Maintenance, Mélito Santana, and the director of the Military and Police Commission, General Rafael Vásquez Espínola.

“These supervision tasks in the works carried out by Public Works include from Piedra Blanca to the border point with La Vega, so that vehicular traffic through this important road is less traumatic for those who travel from the capital to any area of ​​the city. Cibao ”, he explained.

Likewise, he said that with this renovation, it is intended that drivers who transit the Duarte highway move without major inconvenience and with more safety, by virtue of having better visibility, which allows to avoid accidents and protect the lives of users.

He affirmed that MOPC brigades carry out, throughout the length and breadth of the different trunk roads of the country, operations to clean up brush, collect debris and solid waste, in addition to the already known protection and assistance provided by members of the Military and Police Commission, 24 hours a day for free.

The interventions in the cleaning of weeds and removal of solid waste in the highway walks will extend to the entrance of Santiago.

Among the intervened points are the entrances to Palero Central, Palero Arriba, Ramón Tineo, La Jaiba, José Nicanor Suriel, Canca La Piedra, Callejón de Aní, Callejón de Aní, Buen Pan, Caño Piedra, Caño Piedra-Saltos de Jima, and The Saints.

Also, Callejón de Viterbo, La Copla, Cruce La Ceiba, entrance to La Ceiba 1 and La Ceiba 2, to La Javilla, to Ferretería Reenvenma,

to Callejón de Reno, to Los Arroces, Napoleón, to Calle 12 de Julio, UASD de Bonao Distributor, entrance to Calle Privada, Mango de Pepe Distributor, perpendicular entrance to Falconbridge, to the Mirador.

Similarly, the entrances C. Mirador, Carretera Vieja, Junction Carretera Vieja, Calle 27 de Febrero, Junction Carretera Vieja 2, to Rincón de Yuboa, Villa Progreso, were intervened.

José Reyes, Espaillat, San Rafael, Simón Bolívar and Gaspar Polanco streets.

Incorporation of 300 new brigade members

Ascención also announced that for the months of November and December another 300 brigade members will be hired to incorporate them into maintenance work on the Duarte highway, from Piedra Blanca to the border line of Bonao with La Vega, as well as in the various streets and highways of the different municipalities.

“With these actions it is shown that the time of abandonment to which the past authorities subjected this and other roads and highways has passed, because the government headed by President Luis Abinader is already here, working for its people,” he said.

Ascención also supervised the work carried out by the Directorate of Social Programs of the MOPC in various communities of the municipality of Bonao.

The provincial governor, Raquel Jiménez, and the mayors also accompanied Minister Ascención on the tour.

Heberto Núñez, from the main municipality; José Manuel Frías, from Maimón; Pedro Contreras, from Piedra Blanca, as well as regional officials from the MOPC, among other authorities in the province.

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