ASDN will sanction truckers who circulate without a protective tarp
ASDN will sanction truckers who circulate without a protective tarp

Santo Domingo, – The Mayor’s Office of Santo Domingo Norte began simultaneous operations to punish drivers of cargo transportation, who are caught transporting materials without being properly covered with a tarp.

The sanction would be a maximum sentence of 48 hours in prison and the retention of the vehicle for the same period, in compliance with Law 214-01.

The operations are carried out on the four bridges that connect that municipality and will extend to the main avenues and sectors.

This, in order to prevent internal and external truckers from dirtying the streets with waste, such as: throwing construction materials, wood, waste, among other elements.

In addition, it would reduce environmental pollution and prevent traffic accidents from being recorded, as they have happened on some occasions, caused by waste that is thrown by trucks that travel without tarpaulins on the avenues.

To carry out these operations, the council carried out a day of awareness and notified in advance the drivers who drive cargo transportation.

Likewise, he handed over Law 214-01 that prohibits the circulation on public roads of vehicles loaded with spilled materials, without the proper protection of an adequate tarpaulin.

Article number 2 of the Law specifies that “any driver who is caught on the public highway with a truck, lorry, dump truck, van or any other means of cargo transportation, loaded with materials without being provided with an adequate tarpaulin, will be sanctioned with the penalty of forty-eight (48) hours in prison, and with the consequent retention of the vehicle for the same period ”.

The retained trucks are transferred to Equipment and Transportation of the institution to be subjected to the corresponding inspection process for the period already established.

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