Aspiring party, New Right will be born without “red lines” | Political parties

The Nova Direita delivered this Wednesday the necessary signatures (7500) to formalize itself as a political party with the Constitutional Court (TC). The leader of the would-be party that intends to replace the CDS-PP in the Portuguese political scene, Ossanda Liber, arrived accompanied by five other founders and was wearing a blazer dark blue. If one day the Nova Direita has to make agreements with Chega, it will do so.

“If the Portuguese opt for an alternative that involves a merger between various political forces, we will not be the ones to oppose it. We will not define red lines. Our red lines are those of the Portuguese”, said Liber. And so, after delivering the 7500 signatures in the TC, being clear about what it’s about, the Nova Direita took the big step to formalize itself as a party.

Led by Ossanda Liber, who was vice-president of Aliança and a candidate for this party in the 2022 legislative elections (in addition to being an independent candidate for the Lisbon Chamber in the last municipal elections), the Nova Direita intends to “fight against pseudo-socialist policies”, encourage the market economy and reinforce the role of women in society. The day for the delivery of signatures, moreover, “was not by chance”.

“It was no coincidence that we chose today, March 8, Women’s Day, to kick off this New Right. One of the main thrusts of this new party, launched on Women’s Day, led by a woman, is precisely the strengthening of women’s position in society and in the management of our collective destinies”, said Ossanda Liber after handing over the signatures to the secretariat of the Ratton Palace.

Europeans are the first challenge

In addition to strengthening the role of women, Ossanda Liber is also concerned with demographic issues: it will therefore present “strategies” so that “more Portuguese are born and this tremendous demographic crisis is resolved, in which every year we are less , older and more vulnerable”, he guaranteed in his speech.

The party was also born with the aim of helping “entrepreneurship and individual initiative to become generators of wealth for each and every one of us”, thus placing itself in the liberal spectrum when it comes to the economy.

“I am convinced and confident that Portugal has everything it needs to respond to the needs of the Portuguese people and overcome their challenges. For this, it needs leaders with a high patriotic sense, merit and honesty and who make us all believe that we are capable, we just have to fight”, concluded the leader of the New Right.

Ossanda Liber expects the New Right to run for the next elections — the European ones, in 2024 —, but he will not see the non-election of a MEP as a defeat.

Having delivered the 7500 signatures to the TC, it will now be up to it to assess their conformity and, finally, to formalize, or not, the Nova Direita as a party. In addition to the New Right, there is another movement — the European Democratic Party — which is in the process of collecting signatures in order to be able to formalize itself as a political party.

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