Assassination in Puebla: Security Secretary Santizo Méndez, bodyguard and 12 police officers arrested for killing 3 agents

Puebla.– The secretary of security of the municipality of Tecamachalco, Alejandro Santizo Mendez, his bodyguard and 12 policemen were arrested on charges of the murder in Puebla of three ministerial agents of the State Attorney General’s Office.

The events were recorded in the municipality of Tecamachalco after allegedly the elements of the municipal police will mark the stop to a van without signs where three agents of the Public Prosecutor’s Office were traveling.

Because the truck did not stop, a chase began through several streets, minutes later, the police they opened fire against the crew.

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As reported by the State Attorney General, Gilberto Higueras Bernal, the agents of the Prosecutor’s Office did not use their weapons and the three died headshots.

The three elements were treated at the scene, however, the paramedics confirmed that they no longer had Vital signs.

In social networks they began to circulate videos of the chase where the detonations can be heard.

Assassination in Puebla: Security Secretary Alejandro Santizo Méndez, bodyguard and 12 policemen are arrested

Through a statement, the FGE confirmed the detention of the secretary of security, as well as his bodyguard, both accused of the murder of the three ministerial agents.

Likewise, the arrest of 12 policemen more for their possible participation.

The Prosecutor’s Office detains the Secretary of Public Security of Tecamachalco and his bodyguard, who according to preliminary information have murdered 3 State Investigation Agents. Twelve municipal police officers were also detained to determine their possible participation, ”the statement highlighted.

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