DELAYED.  The active ingredient in the AstraZeneca vaccine is already being manufactured in Mabxience, Argentina, but packaging in Mexico is delayed.

While Argentina continues with the vaccination plan throughout the country, the laboratory that produces the asset with which the AstraZeneca vaccine is developed reported that will continue with the production of 100 million extra doses of the goal that had been set in the beginning, and that will be destined to different Latin American countries.

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So far, Argentina received 18,989,000 doses of AstraZeneca whose active ingredient was produced in the country. In addition, 5,276,400 doses were received: 580,000 from Covishield, 1,944,000 received by the Covax mechanism, 2,202,800 donated by Spain and 549,600 by Canada. +

With these numbers, a large part of the agreement reached by the country on the required doses of this vaccine is completed, and they only have to deliver 3,411,000 doses of those manufactured in the country. While the Mabxience laboratory, responsible for the production of the drug in the country, will expand the production initially planned, it is not yet under consideration that a part of that batch is for Argentina.

The active substance in the AstraZeneca vaccine is manufactured in Mabxience. (Mabxience /)

“We continue to focus on completing the deliveries related to the current contract with the Government of Argentina. We hope to have dispatched a volume greater than 90 percent of the total contract at the end of October ”, they told Clarion the spokesmen of the laboratory.

And they added that “no ongoing talks with the government on additional agreements”. The Ministry of Health responded to the same media along the same lines: “When there is news, we will report.”

How vaccination is progressing in the country

With the arrival between this Wednesday and Thursday of two shipments of Pfizer vaccines destined for adolescents, Argentina will exceed 81 million doses received to feed the immunization plan against the coronavirus for the entire population.

Of this total, 14,183,210 correspond to Sputnik V (10,125,655 from component 1, and 4,057,555 from component 2), and 4,759,625 to Sputnik V produced in Argentina by Laboratorio Richmond (1,179,625 from the first component, and 3,580,000 of the second).

24,265,400 doses correspond to the AstraZeneca firm (580,000 from Covishield; 1,944,000 received by the COVAX mechanism, 18,989,000 from AstraZeneca and Oxford whose active ingredient was produced in Argentina; and 2,202,800 donated by Spain and 549,600 by Canada ).

Meanwhile, 30,000,000 correspond to the Sinopharm laboratory, 3,500,000 to Moderna donated by the United States, 600,000 to Cansino and 3,831,750 to Pfizer.

According to the Public Vaccination Monitor, until this morning 60,627,334 doses were distributed throughout the territory, while applications total 54,461,794. In turn, 30,387,824 people started their scheme and 24,073,970 completed it.

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