Entertainment journalist Guillermo Blanc

At age 75 the journalist died Guillermo Blanc. Known for his coverage in the world of entertainment and entertainment since Radiolandia 2000 magazine, of which he was director in the 1980s, and creator of television programs such as “Yo amo a la TV”, along with Andrés Percivale and Juan Carlos Vilches in 1998. The journalist died in the town of Adrogué, where he was hospitalized for a urinary infection, his son Patricio confirmed in networks.

Member of the Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists (Aptra) since its foundation, according to versions of his relatives broadcast by the networks, would have suffered an infection in the room where he was admitted, although it cannot be said that it was Covid-19.

Entertainment journalist Guillermo Blanc

Former Lawyer student, his passion for soccer and his fanaticism for Boca led him to study sports journalism at the Círculo de Periodistas Deportivos, although in the first year his professional career took another course when he was chosen to do an internship in the remembered program “The people wants to know”, led by Lucho Avilés and Pinky.

A regular attendee to many presentations, parties alluding to the show or theatrical premieres of Corrientes Street, Blanc – called “El Negro” by his close friends – was a recognizable presence for his kindness, although he was not a friend of integrating groups or gatherings of those who usually to be formed after the functions.

Until this year Blanc conducted his own cycle “La noche de Blanc”, by Radio del Plata, a radio version of the interview program with entertainment figures that in 2019 he did for Public TV.

He was also a member of the program “Buenos Muchachos”, which led Radio 10 afternoons together with Jorge Jacobson, Beto Casella, Rolo Villar and Lito Pintos, in addition to being the author of the book “History of Argentine television told by its protagonists”.

entertainment journalist Guillermo Blanc

entertainment journalist Guillermo Blanc

In recent decades he formed a notorious duo with his son Patricio, who came to replace him in front of the microphone on his Radio 10 program at a time when he had disappeared from the medium due to a serious illness. His last public appearance was during the transmission from Luna Park of the Martín Fierro awards to cable 2020/2021.

“We regret the death of Guillermo Blanc, a prominent reference in entertainment journalism. With a trajectory of five decades, he worked in graphics, radio and television. Our condolences to their family and friends, accompanying them in this sad moment ”, they wrote on the Twitter of the Argentine Association of Actors.

The businessman Carlos Rottemberg published the message: “Huge sadness at the surprising news of the death of Guillermo Blanc, a journalist with whom we gestated from this Theater House the original format of the year 1998 of ‘I love TV’. Our heartfelt condolences and a big hug to all your dear family! Through your Multiteatro Comafi and multiteatro accounts.

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