At least 24 dead on the coast of São Paulo due to heavy rains | Brazil

The number of deaths in the coastal region of the state of São Paulo, in Brazil, due to heavy rains in the last 24 hours, has increased to at least 24, according to local sources, cited by the G1 news portal.

In São Sebastião, 197 kilometers from São Paulo, 23 people were killed, according to the mayor of that city, Felipe Augusto. In Ubatuba, 220 kilometers from São Paulo, a 7-year-old child died in a landslide.

However, according to the Government of the state of São Paulo, 19 deaths were recorded across the coast.

Also according to the Government, also cited by the G1, more than 550 people left their homes, with a record of 228 evacuees welcomed by family members and 338 sent to open areas to welcome people affected by the heavy rains.

The governor of the state of São Paulo declared a state of calamity in the cities of São Sebastião, Ubatuba, Ilhabela, Caraguatatuba and Bertioga.

At 6pm this Sunday in Lisbon, the mayor of São Sebastião, Felipe Augusto, quoted by the G1 news portal, realized that the rescue helicopters that had been deployed in the meantime were not managing to reach the most critical area of ​​the city. The same happened with cars and boats, with the locals doing the searches.

The mayor revealed that there were several people trapped under the rubble of houses that were destroyed by the storm and landslides.

In several places on the coast of São Paulo there are failures in the water and electricity supply networks, several roads cut off and cars submerged.

According to CNN Brasil, the Government of São Paulo will send humanitarian aid to São Sebastião.

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