At Sky, one of the best series of the last 10 years continues with Succession

There are series that show you a life that you would like to lead or take you into completely new, fascinating worlds. And there are series that make you just damn happy that you are not part of a multi-billion dollar media family. Succession belongs to the latter category – and shows them in equal parts most toxic and entertaining series family the last few years.

The HBO series accompanies the New York family of Roy around Patriarch Logan (Brian Cox) and his children Connor (Alan Ruck), Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Siobhan (Sarah Snook) when asked who will inherit the media mogul and take control of his company if at some point he is no longer able to do so himself? The result are Treason, political intrigue and abusethat would be a tad too hard even for Tywin Lannister.

Season 3 of Succession goes a step further when it comes to family drama

Succession – S03 Teaser Trailer (English) HD


Sky shows from November 22nd every Monday a new episode of the 3rd season. The previous two seasons are already fully available on Sky Ticket. So the ideal time to get the award-winning series with a star cast to catch up – or to finally dive into the continuation of the perfect mixture of Game of Thrones, House of Cards and a little pinch of The Sopranos and Arrested Development.

Better than Game of Thrones: What makes Succession so special on Sky

What’s the best drama series HBO has produced in the past 10 years? For many, the answer would be clear: Game of Thrones. Even if the 8th season of the fantasy saga continues to cause heated discussions. With Succession, however, the US broadcaster has created something that not only packs the struggle for power into big pictures and jagged dialogues.

The series excels above all in the portrayal of the trauma that all Roy children carry within. Have you ever wondered why Cersei Lannister drinks so much wine? Probably not because it feels so good to grow up under a megalomaniac patriarch who sees his children only as accomplices to his own success.

The Roys, a terribly “nice” family: Kendall, Roman, Logan, Siobhan, Connor (from left to right)

Where Game of Thrones only scratches the surface, Succession explores the psychological consequences of toxic family constellations with a mixture of depth and absurd humor that other series can only dream of. And still makes it clear: Everyone here is a terrible person. That’s why you can make fun of these power-hungry super-rich without a guilty conscience.

Even in season 3, Succession remains the best series that hardly anyone talks about

In the US, the HBO series is one of the most hyped titles right now. “Power Rankings” appear every week, in which it is broken down exactly which character has fought for the place at the top in the current episode. Dozens of articles and interviews deal with the psychological background of the Roys and how realistic the portrayal of a super-rich media dynasty is in the 21st century. There is even one Succession-Podcast .

In Germany, on the other hand, succession seems to be running under the radar – still. The fact is: There is currently no other series that smarter, better and funnier shows what power, trauma and family can do to people. It is your own fault who misses this.

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