ATP comes with regulations regarding bathroom breaks: only once ...



Today at 15:26

The Association of Professional Tennis Players ATP will draw up regulations for toilet breaks and medical time-outs during men’s matches. This is reported by the French sports newspaper L’Equipe.

The length of toilet breaks has already caused a lot of ink to flow this year. Certain players, such as Novak Djokovic and Stefanos Tsitsipas, are suspected of using those breaks to take the rhythm out of a match when they are at a disadvantage. In a document addressed to the players, which L’Équipe has been able to view, the ATP indicates that the players are only allowed to take one toilet break per match. In addition, this may only be done at the end of a set and for a maximum of three minutes.

Medical time-outs are also regulated. From now on, three minutes per match is provided for when changing sides or at the end of a set. If the player cannot continue until the next side change, he loses the points until that change/end of the set.


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