Attack by armed men in Buenos Aires, Cauca leaves an indigenous man dead

The attack occurred against the Páez guard, an indigenous community in the rural area of ​​Buenos Aires

The events were presented this Friday, January 14, by heavily armed men who committed the hitman attack in the rural area of ​​Buenos Aires, Cauca, against the indigenous community.

The indigenous Guillermo Chicana died in the attack and the coordinator of the Las Delicias reservation guard, Fabián Camayo, was wounded; who was transferred to the municipality of Santander de Quilichao, where he is with a reserved prognosis and under medical observation.

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At the moment, the facts are the subject of investigation by the authorities, it is known that they were recorded in the vicinity of the Las Delicias indigenous reservation, a point where a group of guards who carried out territorial control was attacked with firearms.

According to Mauricio Capaz, Senior Counselor of the CRIC, it seems that the assassination attack was carried out by FARC dissidents.

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