Attack in Nueva Candelaria neighborhood: They kill a young man with bullets, arrest those responsible

Leon, Guanajuato.- a young man about 28 years old He was killed by several shots to the head during an attack in Colonia Nueva Candelaria.

The aggressors they left a cardboard on the body of the victim before escaping.

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Minutes later Two men and a woman were arrested in the Deportiva I colony, where they secured a car and a motorcycle.

Apparently the young man was walking down Puerto Madero Street, in the Nueva Candelaria neighborhood, when armed people approached him and began shooting at him. Photo: Staff AM.

The event occurred minutes before 10 pm on Puerto Madero street, a few meters from Vicente Valtierra Boulevard.

The victim wore green tennis shoes, pants camouflage type and white shirt with red sleeves.

It is presumed that the young man was walking on Puerto Madero street in the direction of Barra de Navidad street.

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At this point, a couple came on a motorcycle in the company of two men who were traveling in a white car of the Nissan brand.

One of the men got out and approached the young man whom repeatedly shot him in the head.

Before escaping, the aggressor placed a card with a message alluding to a criminal group on his chest.

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Attack in Nueva Candelaria neighborhood: 3 people are arrested

The couple and the occupant of the vehicle escaped on the Hilario Medina Boulevard.

Upon reaching Juan Alonso de Torres Boulevard, they were arrested by elements of the Municipal Police.

In that place they arrested the couple who were traveling on the motorcycle, and a man who was traveling in a car.

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The body of the victim was transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service where the law autopsy will be performed.

Agents of the State Attorney General’s Office collected evidence to start the investigation folder.

The detainees and the insured were transferred to a delegation of the Municipal Police.


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