Attack on Clarín: the videos showing the arrival of the attackers at the newspaper's building

The group of at least 9 people, who undertook the Molotov cocktails attack on Clarín newspaper, were captured by security cameras in the area, images that allowed to reconstruct the trajectory of the subjects moments before reaching their “objective”.

The videos were released after police from the PFA (Argentine Federal Police) Antiterrorism Unit conducted a survey of the surveillance devices near the building. In addition, they maintained custody in front of the newsroom.

According to the footage, said individuals would have departed from San Telmo aboard two motorcycles. The vehicles traveled through Brazil, Paseo Colón and Martín García. When they reached the corner of this last avenue and Bolívar street, in Barracas, they decided to walk.

Few later, dark garments were put on and hooded. Finally, they held a last meeting in Parque Lezama. Once they established the offensive strategy, they approached the entrance of Grupo Clarín, on Piedras Street at 1700.

The attack occurred at exactly 11:05 p.m. on Monday, November 22. and is currently being investigated by federal judge No. 9, Luis Rodríguez, under a new case entitled “public intimidation.” The attack had no victims or injuries.

Regarding the details thereof, the attackers prepared the bottles, which they filled with fuel and a cloth wick. Moments before launching them from the street, two buses passed, one of them from line 39, so they had to wait.

The first molotov bomb dropped did not explode while the second hit one of the trees and generated the first flames. Thus, in sequence, they light and drop between seven and eight bombs at the newspaper’s newsroom building.

“Last night (Monday) a group of people attacked the headquarters of the newspaper and Grupo Clarín on Piedras street 1743 in the city of Buenos Aires (…),” the company said in a brief statement to few hours after the fact.

And he concisely completed below: “We regret and condemn this grave fact that at first glance appears as a violent expression of intolerance against a media outlet. And we await your urgent clarification and sanction“.

During the first analysis carried out on the images obtained, members of the security forces indicated that “they are very dark.” At the moment, it is seeking to determine who are responsible for the fact, repudiated by numerous voices.

In an attempt to obtain information about the attackers, Investigators detected a fingerprint on one of the bottles that failed to explode. However, when compared with the bases of the National Registry of Persons (Renaper), the comparison was negative.


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