Attack on Titan: Season 4 opening hits 10 million views

In a post shared on social networks, the official profile of Attack on Titan confirmed that the opening “The Rumbling”, the official intro to the final season, has surpassed 10 million views on YouTube, making it one of the most watched videos of 2022 to date.

Composed by the Japanese alternative rock band SiM, “The Rumbling” refers to the long-awaited Estrondo, a long-awaited catastrophic event that proposes to free the Colossal Titans trapped inside the walls of Paradis Island to march across Earth and destroy what’s left of humanity.

As well as the premiere of episode 76, which came to bring down the main streaming platforms for a few minutes due to the massive amount of hits, the new anime intro song also set records on digital platforms.

According to YouTube view data, the track has been played over 10 million times in just three days of release, with numbers increasing sharply since the announcement.

Check out the video with the song by the band SiM below:

Update: As of this writing, the video has been played over 11 million times on YouTube.

Episode 18 of the fourth season of Attack on Titan is scheduled to air on Sunday (16), with broadcast from 17:45 (Brasilia time) via Crunchyroll and Funimation, exclusive to subscribers.

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