Attack on YKE Lakatameia: "The time is approaching when we will mourn colleague" (vid)

A new incident occurred this morning at the offices of the Social Welfare Services in Lakatameia.

According to Sigma journalist Sofia Joseph, officials complain that they live in a state of fear, as attacks on them by foreigners, who often invade buildings holding stones and breaking down doors, have become almost a daily occurrence.

Speaking to the camera of Mesimeri kai Kati, an employee said, among other things, that “this is not the first time we have received threats. The situation is out of control. “With mathematical precision, the time is approaching when we will mourn a colleague.” He added that they have informed the competent services but did not receive any response.

He noted that their lives are in danger, while a security guard has been beaten twice, a week ago and yesterday.

Another worker said that “300-400 people come every day, they become a mob, they break down the doors, they beat the security guards. Most do not have an appointment, they threaten us, they intimidate us, we do not know what else to do. They want everyone to be served at the same time “.

Watch the video:

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