Attal wants to "save the end of year celebrations", Véran is preparing measures ...

Soon a new re-containment? While the threshold of 30,000 cases of coronavirus was exceeded on November 23, Olivier Véran must make new announcements on Thursday, November 25 …

[Mis à jour mercredi 24 novembre à 16h28] A defense council met on November 24 with Emmanuel Macron. November 25, at midday, Olivier Véran must hold a press conference to take stock of the epidemic situation.
On November 24, Gabriel Attal, himself, alerted the French during his press conference, calling for “save the holiday season“. Three avenues must be explored to combat the new wave of coronavirus, namely a “reinforcement of barrier measures and the wearing of masks, indoors and outdoors“, a “strengthening of the health pass to put more strain on the unvaccinated than on the vaccinated” and “acceleration of the vaccination campaign“. More 30,000 cases of coronavirus were identified on November 23, a threshold that had not been exceeded since August.

Containment soon? “We can’t rule it out”

a confinement looming on the horizon? “We thought we would need it more. Corn given what is happening with our close neighbors, we can’t rule it out“, said Professor Arnaud Fontanet, epidemiologist, on BFMTV. let’s remember that austria instituted generalized containment and Netherlands, partial confinement, with a closure of bars and restaurants at 8 p.m. and the establishment of a health pass, among others. The Belgium, it prohibits unvaccinated people from accessing many public places, including bars and restaurants.

Containment of the unvaccinated? Macron slice

Will it be necessary confine the unvaccinated in France? “This measurement is not necessary in France. Countries that contain the unvaccinated are those that have not set up the pass“, clarified Emmanuel Macron in The voice of the North. The President of the Republic, however, specified that the third dose may soon be necessary for the health pass to be valid. “If it turns out that a third dose is effective and necessary for other audiences, it will be integrated into the logic of the health pass.“, he explained.
The figures in France are not reassuring, however. According to the Ministry of National Education, 28 schools are closed, as part of the health protocol in the country, and 20,366 cases of coronavirus were counted on November 18.

the telework could it be imposed again, in the face of the increase in Covid-19 cases? “This is not being considered today“, replied the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne on RMC. “90% of adults are vaccinated, we have other weapons (…) There is a very strict health protocol in the company which imposes in particular the wearing of masque in shared workspaces“, she added before alerting however:”There was one some relaxation, I call everyone to re-mobilize. We will increase the controls of the labor inspectorate“.

Austria confines its entire population for 20 days

Austria is taking the next step. After announcing a containment of the unvaccinated in the country, Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said on November 19 that its entire population would be confined as of November 22. The vaccinated are therefore also affected by this decision, the strictest in Europe since the new wave of Covid-19. The regions of Salzburg and Upper Austria had already decreed the day before general confinement for the inhabitants of their region. “The federal states hardest hit by the fourth wave are pulling the emergency brake (…) In collaboration with the Länder, the government will decide on new measures at national level to break the fourth waveAustrian Health Minister Wolfgang Mueckstein commented on Twitter.
The vaccination is also made compulsory from February 1. It is the first country in the European Union to choose such a measure.
Several demonstrations took place in the country in recent days to protest against the strengthening of sanitary measures.

Reconfinement of the unvaccinated: Pécresse approves

Valerie Pécresse is not against a reconfinement on the model of that of Austria. The president of the Île-de-France region declared on November 14, during the debate of the right on BFMTV and RMC:If there is a upsurge in pandemic who endanger lives, I will not reconfine all the French. The French who were vaccinated took their responsibility, I would consider re-containment only of the unvaccinated“. An opinion that seems to share Xavier Bertrand: “I will not reconfine all French people because some do not want to be vaccinated“.

But in fact, could France reconfining the unvaccinated and let others move freely? Nothing is less certain, according to Jean-Philippe Derosier, professor of public law and specialist in constitutional law, who explained to L’Obs: “To confine its unvaccinated population, the President of the Republic should decree a return to a state of health emergency for one month, at the end of which the regime would only be prolonged by the passage of a law“. For the moment, France is under a regime”management of the exit from the health crisis“, which allows for certain restrictions, but no containment or curfew.
But even in the event that France is once again under a state of health emergency, the Head of State could not probably not confine only a part of the population (in this case the unvaccinated), unless the constitution is changed, which seems unlikely a few months before the presidential election. “The health emergency regime does not allow to differentiate populations that depending on territory where they reside, never according to their vaccination status or other individual characteristics, such as age, for example. This is also one of the reasons why the government decided not to confine the only elderly when it was once discussed.“, developed Jean-Philippe Derosier.

“Nothing justifies a new confinement”

Nothing today justifies a new confinement“, said Marine Le Pen at the microphone of Franceinfo, November 15. The president of the National Gathering has also expressed her disagreement with Austria’s decision to confine the unvaccinated: “We realize that the vaccine is an individual protection and not a collective one. It does not prevent the transmission of the virus. There is no no reason today to consider some confinement whether it be“.

“We must do everything to avoid a new confinement”

We must do everything to avoid re-confinement. Let everyone take their responsibilities“, hammered the Minister of the Economy Bruno the Mayor, on BFMTV, November 15. In spite of everything, in case of new measures “coercivewould be put in place, he assured that the State would be “alongside traders, artisans, professionals“.
The Minister of the Economy also wished to reassure about the situation: “A year ago at the same time, we were wondering how to shift Black Friday so as not to bring together too many people during a sales period. Today the situation is much better“.

“No confinement is planned”

Gabriel Attal also tempered, at the microphone of France Inter, November 16: “By definition, nothing is excluded on principle. Corn no confinement is planned today neither near nor far (…) We have a situation that is less degraded than that of our European neighbors, but obviously there is absolute vigilance. We can get through the winter thanks to the vaccination coverage and thanks to the health pass that we put in place very early “.

A “wave start”

Olivier Véran also described the health situation with West France: “We are not yet in a so-called exponential phase, but we are very clearly in a wave start. This wave is European. France is no exception, even if we suffer it in a delayed and even very delayed way compared to many of our neighbors because of our good vaccination coverage and the sanitary pass“.

A possible re-containment?

Is a new re-containment possible? While a new wave of coronavirus hits Europe, several countries harden their sanitary measures, such as Austria, The Netherlands, Norway or even Germany. But what about France? Will we once again have to remain under house arrest?
Asked about it, Gabriel Attal did not exclude the possibility of re-containment, on the set of On Est En Direct, November 15: “The lessons I learn, as government spokesperson, are that nothing should ever be excluded as a matter of principle. This epidemic continues to surprise the whole world“.
However, the government spokesperson was relatively reassuring: “For the time being, it is absolutely out of the question to talk about re-containment in our country, because we have a very high vaccination rate. Thanks to vaccination, we built a wall, we must now prevent it from cracking“. In addition, it is difficult to imagine that the executive could once again put the country under a hood within a few months of presidential elections
In France, 12,496 new cases of Covid-19 were identified in the territory on Sunday, November 14. The test positivity rate increased to 3.4% over 7 days.


In Austria, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced the establishment of a strict containment for unvaccinated people (or who have not recently been infected with the coronavirus), from November 15, for people at least 12 years old.


In Germany, citizens are now required to show a proof of vaccination or recovery from coronavirus, in order to access certain public places. A negative test is therefore no longer sufficient. The country is also planning a massive return of the telework.


In the Netherlands, the curfew is on the agenda again in bars, restaurants and essential stores, at 8 p.m. Non-essential stores close at 6 p.m. the telework should be re-applied when possible and citizens are urged not to welcome more than four guests at home.


In Norway, the health pass is back, when the country had lifted the measures to fight against the Covid, at the end of last September.


In Croatia, all public sector employees and people who visit public institutions must present a health pass, which was not the case until now, except for healthcare workers.

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