Australia to build a lunar vehicle for NASA

Australia intends to create a lunar rover for NASA. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that “this is an incredible opportunity for Australia to achieve a triumph in the space field”, before she took part in such projects.

As writes Guardian, the semi-autonomous vehicle will collect samples of lunar soil during a mission scheduled for 2026. From these materials containing dioxide, NASA scientists intend to learn how to extract oxygen. This project is part of a larger one aimed at creating in the future human colonies on the moon, which will help in sending missions to Mars.

The Australian Prime Minister’s office said that AUS $ 50 million (US $ 37 million) will be allocated from the state budget for research and development of the lunar car. In the near future, we will start accepting applications for participation in the project.

Participation in NASA’s Artemis program will help Australia create more jobs in the space industry, Morrison said. “This mission to the moon is just one exciting way we can create opportunities and jobs for the future,” the prime minister said.

The head of the Australian space agency, Enrico Palermo, said that the creation of the lunar rover will use all the experience of remote control of vehicles and knowledge of mining. “Australia is at the forefront of robotic technology and systems for remote operations, which will be key to establishing a sustainable presence on the moon and ultimately human exploration of Mars,” he said.

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