Australian Open 2022: Novak Djokovic case, live: arrested and awaiting a final decision on his deportation




El Djokovic case enters its final stretch. The Serbian tennis player has been arrested again by the Australian authorities once his visa was withdrawn following the order issued by Alex Hawke, Immigration Minister of the Government of Australia, whose decision was substantiated alluding to “health and public order” reasons.

Until the final decision on his deportation, which will be decided at a hearing scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on Sunday in Melbourne (10:30 p.m. Saturday on the peninsula), the tennis number 1 will remain held in the same hotel where he was after his first arrest upon arrival in Australia.


1:56 p.m. Nick Kyrgios comes out in defense of Djokovic, again: “Novak is here to play tennis, he doesn’t bother anyone”

Nick Kyrgios came out again in defense of Novak Djokovic. The Australian assured that “Hawke said that it is a threat to our borders. It is not. Right now, it looks like it’s a weapon of mass destruction. He’s here to play tennis, he doesn’t bother anyone. The mistreatment of the people of Melbourne over the last two years has been appalling. I understand the anger about not being vaccinated and receiving a medical exemption, but if you look at it literally, it has all the documentation.”

12:32 p.m. This is the Djokovic case

After the Minister of Immigration, Alex Hawke, withdraw Novak Djokovic’s visa again, The Serb was arrested and awaits the final decision of the Federal Court of Australia on his deportation, something that will be known this Sunday in Australia (the hearing will begin at 11:00 p.m., Spanish time).

11:50 a.m. Naomi Osaka: “It’s sad that people can remember Djokovic for this whole case”

The tennis player Naomi Osaka assured that, beyond her opinion (“I don’t think what I think is important”), “it is very sad that people remember a great player in this way. I think it is an unfortunate situation. But I also think it’s not up to the tennis players, it’s up to how the Australian government decides to handle it.”

11:02 a.m. According to Serbian media, Djokovic is not anti-vaccine: “He organized a place for people to get vaccinated”

According to the Serbian media, Novak Djokovic organized a provisional COVID-19 vaccination place for anyone who wanted to receive the vaccine to do so during the holding of two tennis tournaments in 2021.

In an interview with Serbian Radio-Television, Serbian lawyer Blazo Nedic claimed that these developments were in direct opposition to Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke’s view that Djokovic’s decision in Australia would fuel anti-vaccine sentiment.

10:41 a.m. Hawke argues Djokovic’s vaccination stance ‘may influence others’

Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, who I decided to cancel the Serbian’s visa, assured that “Djokovic’s behavior may encourage or influence others to emulate his previous behavior and not comply with appropriate public health measures after a positive result in COVID-19, which in turn could lead to the transmission of the disease and that is a serious health risk.

10:23 a.m. Muguruza, blunt about Djokovic: “I don’t think it’s that difficult, you have to get vaccinated and that’s all”

Muguruza, who has already stressed the importance of getting vaccinated against Covid-19 in these times, was clear at a press conference about the Serb’s case. “I don’t think it’s that difficult, you have to get vaccinated and that’s all. It’s time to turn the page because it’s getting very long. It’s time to talk about the Grand Slam and that we’re going to be able to play with the public,” he commented.

10:19 a.m. “Djokovic has not measured the impact of his actions”

The doctor in Sociology and professor at the International University of La Rioja, Vctor Renobell, assures EFE that “Djokovic has made a series of individual decisions, without thinking about all the repercussions they could have, and has ended up involving his followers and even to governments”.

9:45 a.m. Zverev: “It’s not fair, he had a valid visa”

The German Alexander Zverev has also assessed the ‘Djokovic case in the press conference prior to the start of the Australian Open: “It is not fair to come here and not be able to play the tournament. He had a valid visa. Isn’t that right? I would travel to try my luck with no guarantees that I would play the tournament. He is a star, if it had not been him, all this drama would not have been created, “he said.

9:15 a.m. Small triumph of Nole’s lawyers: deciding an entire court

The lawyers of Djokovic have managed to get the case heard by the Federal CourtHe in full -made up of three people-, instead of just the president of the room. That was a request from Djokovic’s lawyers against the criteria of the representatives of the Australian Government, since the decision cannot be appealed.

8:45 a.m. Nadal: “No one is above the Australian Open”

In his pre-tournament press conference, Rafa Nadal has once again referred to the ‘Djokovic case’: “It is very clear that Novak is one of the best players in history, without a doubt. But there is no player in history that is more important than an event, because players stay and then they leave, and others come. Nobody Roger, Novak or myself… The Australian Open is much more important than any player. If he’s playing…finally it’s]fine. If he’s not playing the Australian Open, it’s going to be a great Australian Open with or Without l”.

When Nadal retires they will put this video: “Neither Novak, nor Roger, nor I…”

8:30 a.m. Demonstration of anti-vaccines in support of Novak

Around 200 anti-vaccine protesters have gathered this afternoon outside the Rod Laver Arena, chanting “Free Novak”, “Free Novak Djokovic”, “Let him play” and slogans against vaccine mandates and passports.

By contrast, on the outskirts of the Park Hotel, where Novak He is held back as soon as there is a handful of followers of the Serbian. Yes there are, as usual, groups protesting the situation of immigrants detained there.

8:15 a.m. “I disregarded any kind of precaution and could be interpreted as a harmful role model”

The brief presented by the Minister of Immigration, Alex Hawke, to justify the withdrawal of the visa and the activation of the deportation is especially hard with Novak Djokovic. According to reports, the representative of the Australian government launches strong accusations against Djokovic’s behavior. “His high profile and position can be interpreted as a harmful role model in the sporting community and wider. It would encourage a disregard for the necessary precautionary requirements in the fight against Covid-19.”

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