Austria as a film location: interest “massively increased” according to Kocher

Grant amount of 20 million euros

The new incentive model is about clear planning, in that 30 percent of the production costs are subsidised. There is a further five percent funding if it is a film that complies with certain environmental standards during production. This green bonus “is quite unique in the world,” emphasized Kocher. The additional bonus is also granted for Gender Gap Financing if the film production involves a certain number of women in management and production.

In the past year – before the incentive model came into force – only three films were funded, but the number has risen sharply. The current figures from “Filmstandort Austria” (FISA) currently show 26 applications with a total subsidy amount of around 20 million euros. The ministry calculates the added value at almost 70.3 million euros. This means the total of production costs eligible for funding in Austria that have been applied for or are being examined. Of the 26 applications, 14 are Austrian productions and eleven are international service productions. 15 applicants applied for the additional five percent as a “green bonus” and a further six applicants for gender gap financing.

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